Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster

Representing the 2nd District of New Hampshire
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Moving America Forward

Oct 28, 2015
Catching up with Annie

What a busy few days! I was proud to work with my colleagues from both parties this week to get things done for Granite Staters and Americans everywhere. On several important issues, I joined Republicans and Democrats to break through the gridlock and make real progress.  Here are some of the highlights:

Supporting Small Businesses

This week, I joined a majority of my House colleagues in voting to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Since the Export-Import Bank’s charter expired earlier this year, businesses across the country have seen their ability to create jobs and hire more workers on U.S. soil severely limited. In New Hampshire, companies like The Mountain and 35 other exporters across the state have received $187 million in trade financing from the Bank to help them succeed in today’s global economy. The Ex-Im Bank supports economic growth by filling gaps in access to credit to ensure that American businesses can compete with economic certainty, and I urge my colleagues in the Senate to approve the Bank’s reauthorization so that we can better support the efforts of companies in New Hampshire and across the country.

Keeping Our Economy Moving Forward

I was encouraged to see both parties successfully agree upon balanced measures to fund our government through bipartisan negotiations. While no budget proposal is perfect, this agreement represents the kind of bipartisan compromise that the American people expect from their elected officials. I was proud to join a broad majority of my House colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support this bipartisan agreement, which takes vital steps to protect New Hampshire working families and small businesses. In particular, I am pleased that the bill prevents an increase in Medicare Part B premiums and maintains the solvency of the Social Security disability fund.  I will continue working with Republicans and Democrats to protect our national and economic security.”

Additionally, both parties joined together to raise the debt ceiling, avoiding economic catastrophe and ensuring that Congress can pay America’s bills on time. I was proud to see Republicans and Democrats acting responsibly to help keep our fiscal house in order.

Supporting Renewable Energy in NH

As the co-chair of the Congressional Biomass Caucus, I was honored to join my co-chair, Rep. Bruce Westerman (AR-04) to host a wonderful panel discussion about the important role biomass energy can and should play in NH and across the country. The 2nd District is one of the most heavily forested districts in the country, and biomass energy not only creates good-paying jobs, but also has significant consumer and environmental benefits for our rural communities and energy consumers. The Caucus will work to not only educate the public on the benefits of biomass power as an important form of renewable energy, but also focus on policy solutions that can help these industries succeed.

Have a good rest of the week, and thanks for everything you do to make New Hampshire such a great place to live!