Improving Access to Affordable Health Care

Every Granite Stater deserves access to quality, affordable health care — that’s what I’m fighting for in Congress. 

I'm proud to be working across the aisle as a Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee to lower costs across the board, expand the health care workforce, end the substance use disorder and mental health crisis, and improve long-term care services.

Lowering health care costs. From prescription drug price transparency to ensuring seniors have access to life-saving vaccinations with no out-of-pocket costs, I’m committed to making the health care system we all rely on more affordable and accessible. 

Strengthening the health care workforce. Investing in our health care workforce is crucial to ensuring communities can access the care they need. That begins with investing in strong education and recruitment programs to train nurses and doctors to have the needed skills and ensure our hospitals have the staff to serve their patients. 

Addressing the addiction and mental health crisis. As the founder and co-chair of the Bipartisan Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Task Force, I recognize the need to address the dual substance use and mental health crises. We must expand access to life-saving treatments and address the underlying causes of these epidemics. 

Expanding access to long-term care. In my experience caring for my mother as she lived with Alzheimer's, I have seen firsthand how hard the challenges of aging and caring for older adults can be on families. As a Member of the Bipartisan 21st Century Long Term Care Caucus, I’m working to identify and implement solutions to the most pressing issues facing the long-term care sector and patient community.