Supporting Veterans, Military Families, and National Security

As a daughter of a World War II veteran and Prisoner of War, fighting for our nation’s service members is personal to me.

Our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much for our state and our country. We have a responsibility to ensure our service members are taken care of when they return home. From fighting for veteran health care access to stopping the scourge of sexual violence in the military to defending veterans’ resources in rural areas, I will always put our service members first.

Fighting for veteran health care access. One of my top priorities in Congress is standing up for the brave men and women who served our country in uniform and ensuring they receive the high-quality health care they need. I will keep pushing to provide our nation’s veterans exposed to toxic chemicals in the line of duty the care they deserve.

Stopping the scourge of sexual violence in the military. The fact that serious crimes against our military members go unreported and unpunished is unacceptable. We must work to ensure that no service member is forced to endure sexual violence while serving our country and end the culture of abuse in our armed forces.

Defending veterans’ resources in rural areas. Every service member deserves access to high-quality, accessible health care when they return home, regardless of where they live. From fighting to keep rural VA health clinics open to expanding the VA workforce, I will always advocate for our veterans.