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Kuster Applauds Biden Administration Increase In Vaccine Supply, Advocates for Corresponding COVID-19 Relief

**Today, President Biden announced an additional 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses**

Concord, N.H. — Today, Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02) released the following statement on the Biden administration’s announcement that they acquired an additional 200 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. This additional vaccine supply is projected to increase vaccine availability by 50 percent by this summer, bringing the total to 600 million doses, enough to fully vaccinate 300 million Americans by the end of July. 


“This significant increase in the quantity of safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines is big news in our effort to put this pandemic behind us. It was a tremendous scientific accomplishment for the vaccines to be developed so quickly, and as our nation works to equitably and efficiently distribute the vaccines, sufficient supply is crucial. One of our best tools against this virus is the COVID-19 vaccines, and up to this point, restricted supply and increasing demand have made distribution a slow and largely limited process. This news from the Biden administration offers hope and a light at the end of the tunnel as Congress works to simultaneously advance President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to save American lives and get our economy back on track.”


“In Congress, I will continue working to support the Biden-Harris administration’s efforts to ensure the United States is able to mass-produce and administer the COVID vaccines so we can ensure no one is left behind as we build back from this pandemic.”



BACKGROUND: Today, President Biden announced the acquisition of 200 million additional COVID-19 vaccine doses. Since taking office last month, the administration has made combating COVID-19 a top priority and has put science and experts at the heart of their approach to crushing this pandemic.


The additional vaccine supply announced today is projected to increase vaccine availability by 50 percent by this summer, bringing the total doses to 600 million, enough to fully vaccinate 300 million Americans in that time.


“As we get into March and April, the number of available doses will allow for much more of a mass vaccination approach, which is really much more accelerated than what you’re seeing now,” said Anthony Fauci.


Rep. Kuster has pushed for meaningful action to address some of the challenges that experts say are slowing the rollout and administration of COVID-19 vaccines. Kuster introduced bipartisan legislation to bolster and quicken our nationwide vaccine rollout. The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act would improve and expand real-time communication between state and federal governments, as well as public and private health care providers, to ensure vaccines are being administered effectively and efficiently across all states and territories. Kuster is also the sponsor of the Coronavirus Vaccine and Therapeutic Development Act to ensure that the United States will be able to mass-produce and administer COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics quickly and efficiently.