Conserving Our Environment

New Hampshire is home to some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes, and forests in the world — we have a responsibility to protect them.

Conservation is a hallmark of New Hampshire's history and an important part of managing our forests and farmlands. I am proud to work with Republicans and Democrats to protect the incredible environment we know and love and ensure it is here for future generations to enjoy.

Defending winter sports. Outdoor recreation and tourism are a critical component of New Hampshire’s economy. With climate change threatening the conditions that make these sports possible, we have no time to waste. I am proud to co-chair the Bipartisan Ski and Snowboard Caucus to defend our winter sports and take meaningful steps to protect our environment. 

Protecting our wildlife. We share our state with diverse wildlife populations — protecting their habitats is an investment in a more sustainable future and thriving tourism economy. I am proud to advocate for conserving at-risk wildlife populations and preserving our environment. 

Expanding renewable energy. Clean energy is a win-win for our economy and our environment. Solar, hydropower, and other renewable energy sources create good-paying jobs right here in New Hampshire and help protect our planet. I’m working with my colleagues to advance policies that will put our country on the path toward a sustainable clean energy future.