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Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster

Representing the 2nd District of New Hampshire


Combating the Opioid & Heroin Epidemic

The opioid and heroin epidemic is tearing communities apart in the Granite State and all across the country. This is a public health crisis, and we need to be doing everything we can to strengthen prevention, treatment, and recovery services and strategies.

Rep. Kuster with White Mountain park rangers

Conserving Our Environment

In New Hampshire, we are blessed with incredible mountains, lakes, and forests. I come from a family that has a long history of supporting conservation and wildlife in New Hampshire, and I cherished growing up spending time on Newfound Lake and enjoying all four beautiful seasons in the North Country. My family continues to appreciate the natural beauty of our state and I am passionately committed to preserving the pristine environment of the Granite State.

Ending Sexual Violence

Sexual violence cuts across party lines and affects women, men, and families in every single part of this country. It’s also an issue that’s deeply personal for me. In 2016, for the first time, I shared my own experiences with sexual violence. Doing so was not easy.

Pursuing Smart Energy Policies

New Hampshire must pursue smart energy policies that both protect our environment and lower costs for Granite State families and businesses. That’s why I have taken the following steps:

Supporting Veterans, Military Families, and National Security

As a member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee for my first six years in office and as the daughter and daughter-in-law of WWII veterans, I am proud to advocate for the courageous veterans, service members, and military families who have sacrificed so much for our country. We have a fundamental responsibility to strengthen health care benefits, cut bureaucratic red tape, expand job opportunities, and properly honor the dedicated men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States.
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Strengthening Bipartisan Cooperation

Granite Staters don’t expect Members of Congress to agree on everything, but they do expect us to work together and put solving problems ahead of partisanship. At a time when we face major obstacles in New Hampshire and as a country, we must bring people together to find common sense solutions. While both parties have real differences and will disagree on some issues, Congress owes it to the American people to work together on the things we can agree on.
Rep Kuster talking with a citizen

Protecting Seniors

For decades, Medicare and Social Security have been economic pillars in supporting our middle class seniors. Granite State seniors have worked hard their entire lives as they raised their families, strengthened our country, and paid into these vital programs.
Shoes stepping on the words fiscal responsibility

Focusing on Fiscal Responsibility

I firmly believe that government governs the best when it does so within its means. We must make fiscally responsible decisions so we can continue to afford critical investments in our future. By cutting wasteful spending, streamlining duplicative programs, and finding inefficiencies throughout government, we can reduce the deficit in a balanced way that protects priorities such as education, research, and health care.
Rep. Kuster welding

Fostering Job Creation and Economic Opportunity

From day one, my top priority in Congress has been helping create jobs and opportunity for middle class New Hampshire families. Since taking office, I have traveled to every corner of the second district to hear from educators, entrepreneurs, workers, and families about how Congress can help create jobs and grow the economy. Their thoughts and ideas form the foundation of the Jobs and Opportunity Agenda, which outlines a series of common sense, bipartisan steps – ranging from doubling down on investments in innovation and job training, to streamlining government programs – that Congress can take to help small business owners and middle class families achieve their goals.
a group of physicians

Improving Access to Affordable Health Care

It is my goal to help ensure that all Granite State families have access to affordable, quality health care. I am committed to working with the business community and all stakeholders in a fiscally responsible way to lower the skyrocketing cost of medical care. If both parties work together, we can crack down on waste, fraud, and abuse within the health care system, reduce overpayments to insurance companies, and start paying health care providers for how well they treat patients, rather than how often.
Rep. Kuster talking to a student

Investing in Education

As the mother of two sons, I am acutely aware that the high cost of education is one of the biggest problems facing young people and their families. In order to address rising education costs, we must continue to maintain low interest rates for federal student loans and protect funding for Pell Grants. While Congress needs to cut spending, our nation must not reduce its budget deficit on the backs of America's students.

Promoting Local Agriculture and Rural Development

In New Hampshire, the agricultural industry contributes nearly one billion dollars to our local economy every year. With over 400,000 acres of land across the Granite State devoted to everything from timber operations and greenhouses to dairy farms and apple orchards, agriculture is an integral part of our landscape and history. I was proud to be the first Representative from New Hampshire to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in decades, and honored to be named as a Conferee to the Farm Bill Conference Committee in July 2018. This committee had the task of reconciling the House-passed and Senate-passed Farm Bills into the final 2018 Farm Bill, which was signed into law in December 2018.