Ending Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a national epidemic. From college campuses to our armed forces, the scourge of sexual abuse across the country is deeply concerning and demands immediate, meaningful action.

As a survivor, ending this crisis is personal to me — that’s why I founded the Bipartisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence. I am working across the aisle to raise awareness about sexual violence, improve training and prevention resources, support survivors as they recover, and hold perpetrators accountable.

Educating our communities and preventing sexual abuse. Ending sexual violence begins with education and prevention. We must work to eradicate the culture that permits and accepts acts of sexual violence as commonplace and educate communities on how to spot and prevent sexual violence in all forms.

Supporting survivors while they heal and recover. Survivors of sexual violence face countless challenges as they recover and move forward. From providing quality and accessible recovery services to helping survivors escape their abusers, we must expand the tools available.

Holding perpetrators accountable. Deciding when and if to come forward is a deeply personal and intimate decision for survivors. Our legal system must treat survivors with dignity and respect throughout the judicial process. To hold abusers accountable, we must equip law enforcement officers with the necessary resources to investigate these crimes to the fullest extent, whether they are perpetrated online or in person.