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Kuster Statement on Invasion of Ukraine


Concord, N.H. — Today, Rep. Annie Kuster (NH-02) released the following statement in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:


“Overnight, Vladimir Putin initiated a deadly, unprovoked attack against the sovereign nation of Ukraine, directly violating international law, killing innocent civilians, and threatening the safety and security of the region and the stability of the world. The United States has been working closely with our allies to prepare for this invasion, consistently calling out Vladimir Putin’s aggression and identifying Russia’s plans for invasion at every step.


“We stand united with our international allies and the people of Ukraine against Russia’s illegal invasion and efforts to change the borders of a sovereign nation by force. President Biden announced sanctions against Russia earlier this week in an effort to prevent this aggression and reinforce NATO. Instead of choosing peace and diplomacy in the best interest of his own nation, Vladimir Putin decided to launch a military operation against Ukraine — the consequences imposed by the United States and our allies and partners will be severe. Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine will ultimately leave Russia weakened strategically, economically, and diplomatically.”