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Kuster Leads Legislation To Protect Medication Abortion Access

**Kuster signed onto an amicus brief highlighting the dangers and lack of legal reasoning in the Texas mifepristone ruling**


Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) announced her support of the Protecting Reproductive Freedom Act, legislation to reaffirm the FDA’s authority to approve medication abortion and safeguard health care providers’ ability to prescribe medication abortion via telehealth. In the wake of the Texas court decision revoking approval of mifepristone, this legislation reiterates that FDA scientists, not activist judges, have the power to decide what medications are safe and effective.


“Scientists and medical experts should be the ones making the decisions about what medications are safe for patients — not political appointees or politicians,” said Kuster. “One judge does not know better than millions of women and their doctors. It’s the job of every Member of Congress — Republican or Democrat — to protect the right of their constituents to access the health care they need without government interference, including abortion.”


The Texas decision means mifepristone is at risk of being taken off the market — leaving millions of women across the United States with severely limited access to medication abortion. The devastating effects of this decision will impact women even in states where abortion is legal. Additionally, in states where abortion clinics have been shuttered and medication abortion is often the only option, women will be left with little recourse.


Specifically, the Protecting Reproductive Freedom Act states it is the sense of Congress that: 

  1. Medication abortion was appropriately approved and is appropriately regulated by the FDA.
  2. This approval preempts states from establishing: 
    1. Any requirement that medication abortion be dispensed by a health care practitioner in person;
    2. Any restriction on prescribing or dispensing medication abortion by means of telehealth.