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Kuster Urges Republicans To Work with Democrats To Fund the Government, Highlights Shutdown Impact on NH Families

**You can read Kuster’s full op-ed about the Republicans’ government shutdown here**


Concord, N.H. — Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) is repeating her calls to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, urging him to end the Republican chaos and work with Democrats to pass a government funding package and prevent a shutdown. The Republican majority has refused to work with Democrats to negotiate a government funding package, hurtling our country toward a shutdown. A government shutdown would harm New Hampshire families and the U.S. economy, threatening the country’s economic and national security.


“One of Congress’ core responsibilities is to fund the government – unfortunately, this most basic duty seems to be too much for Speaker Kevin McCarthy. His unwillingness to work with Democrats, as he promised to do earlier this year, is pushing our country toward a shutdown and threatening the well-being of New Hampshire families. That's unacceptable.” 


“Government funding packages are traditionally bipartisan because they have to be. In a closely divided government, cooperation is key, and both parties must be willing to work together to get things done, even when it means neither side gets everything they want. I stand ready to work with both Republicans and Democrats to pass a government funding package that moves our country forward, prevents a shutdown, and delivers for hardworking families in New Hampshire and across the country. I urge Speaker McCarthy to do the same.”


New Hampshire is home to nearly 5,000 civilian federal employees who would go without pay until this crisis is resolved, and more than 430 air traffic controllers and 750 active duty military members in the state would be asked to work without being paid. That's thousands of families missing a paycheck because of Republican chaos.


As Chair of the New Democrat Coalition, Kuster has been outspoken in urging the extreme Republican majority in the House to stop the chaos, honor the bipartisan government funding agreement made in May, and finally work with Democrats to fund the government and prevent a shutdown. Last week, she published an op-ed in Newsweek highlighting a bipartisan path forward to end this crisis and her work to find compromise.