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Kuster Votes Against Republican Bill Politicizing Aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Innocent Civilians in Gaza

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02), chair of the New Democrat Coalition, voted against the Republican House Majority’s bill to politicize aid to our allies in Israel and abandon support for the people of Ukraine and innocent civilians in Gaza and the West Bank. The Republican bill would increase the deficit by nearly $12.5 billion and would result in nearly $27 billion in lost revenue. Kuster is an outspoken advocate for a comprehensive aid package that makes clear the United States stands for freedom and security around the world – including in Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and Gaza.


“Today, I voted no on the Republican Majority's attempt to politicize aid to Israel. Let me be clear: I stand with Israel and believe we must deliver critical assistance to help our allies as they defend themselves from Hamas’ ongoing terrorism, but it cannot be done haphazardly. The world is in crisis. Now is not the time for petty politics. We must stand with Israel as they defend themselves from Hamas, ensure the safe return of all hostages, address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and treat the growing instability around the globe as the interconnected national security priority it is.


“We cannot falter at this critical moment. To give up on Israel now is to say the United States does not care if Israel continues to exist. To give up on Ukraine now is to say that Russia can take over the country without consequence. And, to not send humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and the West Bank is to say those lives are not deserving of protection. That’s what is at stake. We must choose the right path to support our allies, protect innocent lives, and defend freedom and democracy worldwide. It will not be easy, but it can be done. That’s what I am fighting for. 


“I believe Speaker Mike Johnson has made a terrible mistake. I implore him and the Republican leadership to change course and meet the moment. Let’s stand with our allies, deliver critical humanitarian aid to the civilians in Gaza, support the people of Ukraine as they fight for their country, and defend democracy, freedom, and human rights worldwide by passing the President’s supplemental aid package.”


Kuster endorsed the Biden administration’s $106 billion supplemental request, which will provide approximately $60 billion in funding to support Ukraine, $14 billion to support Israel, and $10 billion in humanitarian assistance for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, and elsewhere. The request also includes $7 billion to reinforce our Indo-Pacific allies like Taiwan and $14 billion to secure the U.S.-Mexico border, stem the flow of illicit fentanyl, and streamline immigration processes.