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New Dem Leadership Applauds Bipartisan Appropriations Package to Avoid a Shutdown and Fund the Government for 2024

Washington, D.C. — New Democrat Coalition Leadership released a statement following the unveiling of a six-bill appropriations package that would fund federal initiatives related to transportation, housing, the environment, agriculture, Veterans affairs, and more.

“New Dems applaud bipartisan negotiators for finally reaching a compromise that paves the way for the passage of the full-year funding bill. This deal is consistent with last May’s bipartisan Fiscal Responsibility Act, which our Members played an instrumental role in passing. New Dems also commend the negotiators for rejecting the far-right’s poison pill riders that would have restricted Americans’ fundamental freedoms.

“We are pleased that the package includes many priorities that New Dems fought for and secured — essential provisions to improve the lives of hard-working Americans, including a boost in funding for Veterans’ health care and mental health, critical public safety resources, and policies to address the challenges at the southern border and make housing more affordable. Additionally, this package includes vital Community Project Funding that New Dems secured for their districts across the country.

“We must note that these bills are coming for a vote more than five months late. Make no mistake: if House Republicans had adhered to the bipartisan agreement they negotiated last year, we could have avoided needless instability and economic uncertainty for the American people and our agencies. We hope this agreement marks the beginning of the end for House Republican chaos.

“New Dems call on our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to advance this package without delay.”


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