Catching Up with Annie

Commonsense solutions to challenges we face

Dear Friend,

From my first days in Congress, my main goal has been to bring people together in support of commonsense solutions to the challenges we face. Disagreements and debates over policy are an important and healthy part of our democracy, but at the end of the day people of good faith should come together with the goal of enacting change that will improve people’s lives and keep people safe. 

This is precisely what motivates me, my co-chairs on the Bipartisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence, and other advocates in this important fight. On Monday, I visited the Bridges Domestic and Sexual Violence Support Center of Greater Nashua and Milford to discuss efforts to address this issue. Bridges is doing incredible work to support survivors, and I want to thank them for hosting me and for their dedication to this cause. We all have a role to play in reducing this persistent problem.

At Bridges Support Center Discussing Efforts to Address Sexual Violence

This week I was proud to introduce the Federal Opioid Response Fairness Act with my colleague, Congressman Evan Jenkins (R-WV). This bipartisan legislation will ensure that the states most affected by the opioid crisis—such as New Hampshire and Congressman Jenkins’ state of West Virginia—receive appropriate resources under the 21st Century Cures Act. The fact of the matter is New Hampshire isn’t getting enough of the resources it needs from the federal government. I’m pleased to introduce this commonsense legislation, which will help those on the frontlines of this crisis expand prevention, treatment, and recovery services, and I urge the House to swiftly pass this bill.

I appreciate all of the calls I received this week regarding the Republican tax reform proposal. We’re long overdue for meaningful tax reform that prioritizes hardworking families, individuals, and small businesses. We need to ensure we’re cutting taxes for middleclass families -- not the largest corporations and very wealthiest individuals. The devil is in the details and I will carefully review the Republican measure as we learn more about the specific impacts of the proposal. However, I will strongly oppose any tax proposal that irresponsibly expands deficits and establishes massive giveaways to corporate special interests at the expense of Granite State families. You can read my op-ed on tax reform here.