Addressing the Addiction and Mental Health Crisis

Every life lost to substance use is a tragedy. Mental health and addiction are often intertwined and touch every community in New Hampshire.

Substance use disorder does not care whether you're a Republican or Democrat, and neither should our approach to addressing this crisis. I’m proud to co-chair the Bipartisan Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Task Force and bridge the partisan divide to end the addiction epidemic.

Stop the flow of dangerous drugs and hold illegal distributors accountable. Investing and deploying modern technology at our borders and points of entry helps ensure we catch criminals carrying dangerous drugs before they enter our communities. We must equip law enforcement officers with the technology, tools, and training necessary to disrupt distribution networks and enforce existing drug laws. 

Address the underlying demand for dangerous drugs. Mental health and substance use crises often occur when there is no access to preventive care. We must expand access to mental health and substance use treatment to help prevent overdoses.

Help individuals access the recovery care they need. Substance use and mental health disorders are chronic conditions. We must support individuals with compassion and commitment to ensure they have the necessary opportunities to recover — part of that must include ending the stigma associated with treatment.