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Kuster Votes Against Dangerous Legislation That Censors NH Teachers, Removes Local Control

**H.R. 5 puts politics over parents and inserts the federal government into our local education systems**


Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) voted against H.R. 5, dangerous legislation to put politics over parents by creating hostile environments for certain students, including LGBTQ+ students, and empowering certain parents to dictate what other parents’ children can and cannot read and what they can and cannot learn.


“In New Hampshire, we believe all parents have an important role to play in our education system – not just those who make the most noise,” said Rep. Kuster. “Yet, the extreme House Republican majority is pushing a bill that would send our schools backward, removing local control. This legislation does nothing to increase parental engagement and instead inserts the federal government into our New Hampshire schools, specifically targeting the LGBTQ+ community, censoring teachers, and banning books. We should focus on ensuring our schools are fully funded, well-equipped with mental health support, and safe for every student.”


Kuster continued, “I will keep pushing for meaningful parent involvement to strengthen our public schools and fighting for less government interference in our personal lives.”


Rep. Kuster strongly supports parents playing a role in their child’s education, but that involvement cannot come at the expense of other students’ health and well-being. We must empower our schools to create supportive environments for all students and families.