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In Keene, Kuster Discusses Jobs and Opportunity Agenda

Keene, NH, July 20, 2018

(Keene, NH) – Today at Cheshire Medical Center, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) heard directly from healthcare professionals and community leaders about the employment landscape in the Monadnock region and the types of programs that can expand economic competitiveness and opportunity in the area. Rep. Kuster also discussed her Jobs and Opportunity agenda and its initiatives to support New Hampshire’s healthcare workforce, as well as how it can help advance and improve already successful and ongoing workforce development efforts across the state. Kuster’s agenda, which she released in May, outlines a comprehensive approach to expanding economic opportunity by bolstering apprenticeship and vocational training programs, addressing the out of control costs of higher education, investing in infrastructure and broadband expansion, increasing affordable housing, and supporting working families with paid family leave and childcare programs.

“In New Hampshire, we’re lucky to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, but that brings its own unique set of challenges,” said Kuster. “We need to expand economic opportunity so that people in the Granite State are able to get into successful careers so they can give their families the future they want and deserve. It was great to hear from today’s panelists about their work to combat the opioid crisis and support individuals in need of recovery and substance misuse treatment services. Their efforts are impacting tomorrow’s workforce in a way that is beneficial to workers and businesses, and I will draw upon the valuable insights of these panelists as I continue working with my colleagues to build an economy where every American can succeed and get ahead.”

“We appreciate that Congresswoman Kuster chose Cheshire Medical Center to host this important discussion,” said Christine Schon, Chief Operating Officer of Cheshire Medical Center. “The concerns surrounding the availability of a skilled workforce are equally important to non-profit organizations like Cheshire, as they are to for-profit businesses and industries.  A broad range of careers, from technology and engineering to direct patient care, are vital to our ability to continually provide quality, safe care.  We are grateful for the efforts of leaders in Washington, like the Congresswoman, who are creating movement to address the barriers to a healthy and sustainable workforce, particularly at the regional level.”