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Kuster-Pappas Legislation Honoring Christa McAuliffe Signed into Law

Congresswoman Annie Kuster (D-NH) and Congressman Chris Pappas (D-NH) issued the following statements after their bipartisan legislation, the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act of 2019, was signed into law today by President Trump. The legislation, which Kuster and Pappas introduced with Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) earlier this year, will create a commemorative coin to honor Christa McAuliffe and reaffirm Congress’ commitment to invest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin is a $1 coin honoring the Concord educator who died aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986, with proceeds going toward the FIRST Robotics program, which was founded by Manchester-based inventor Dean Kamen and seeks to inspire young people to pursue an education in the STEM field. The legislation passed the House on September 19th and in the Senate on July 9th.

“Christa McAuliffe was a remarkable person and teacher who inspired her students to shoot for the stars and have a passion for science and exploration,” said Kuster. “This coin is a wonderful way to honor her memory and keep her pioneering spirit alive for generations to come. I was honored to introduce this legislation and am thrilled that it has become law.”

“I was proud to co-lead the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Act of 2019 and work to pass it through the House, and I’m pleased that the President signed it into law today,” said Congressman Pappas. “Christa McAuliffe was a dedicated teacher who understood how history is defined by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. She dared to touch the future as a teacher and an astronaut and left an indelible mark on our history. Through the signing of this law and the creation of this commemorative coin we have a powerful new way we can honor her and all our educators who open doors of opportunity and challenge students to succeed.”

“So many FIRST students that I have heard from look up to Christa McAuliffe as a role model, and she is. Her courage and legacy continue to inspire generations of young people to pursue science and technology careers. I’m proud that the bill President Trump signed today will honor Christa McAuliffe – a true American hero – while also providing critical resources for FIRST programs in Michigan and around the nation,” Upton said. “Michigan is a national leader in FIRST, and for our state and nation to maintain its competitive advantage in the future, our kids of today must have the resources and opportunities to develop critical 21st century career skills. This new law will provide a big boost for FIRST, and I’m so proud to see it signed by the President today.