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Kuster Announces Jobs and Opportunity Agenda

**Kuster’s legislative agenda will support job training and apprenticeship programs, workforce development, improving college affordability, and fostering small business growth**

**The details of Kuster’s Jobs and Opportunity Agenda are available HERE**

(Nashua, NH) – Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) released her Jobs and Opportunity Agenda at Nashua Community College (NCC). Kuster visited NCC to highlight their partnership with BAE Systems that provides training to local residents in skills sought after at BAE and with other local employers. The NCC and BAE partnership is the type of collaboration Kuster will seek to expand in New Hampshire and throughout the country. Her legislative agenda outlines a comprehensive approach to expanding economic opportunity by bolstering apprenticeship and vocational training programs, addressing the out of control costs of higher education, investing in infrastructure and broadband expansion, increasing affordable housing, and supporting working families with paid family leave and childcare programs.

“We’re lucky to have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country but that doesn’t mean we should be satisfied with the status quo,” said Kuster. “I want to expand economic opportunity so that every Granite Stater is able to get ahead. Whether someone’s career path takes them to a four-year degree or an apprenticeship or vocational training, we need to prepare students and workers for the fulfilling careers that will allow them to raise their families here in the Granite State. By fostering collaborations between educators and businesses we can help our workers be prepared for the available jobs right here in our communities. My agenda has been developed based on meetings with workers and employers across New Hampshire and I’m excited to share it today with Nashua Community College and BAE, which are spearheading the types of partnerships we should be expanding nationwide.”

During the announcement Kuster toured the Microelectronics Boot Camp at Nashua Community College, which trains students in wire bonding and helps connect students with local employers.

Kuster’s legislative agenda addresses numerous areas of need to support workers and small businesses. Specifically her agenda covers:

Building a 21st Century Workforce: We need an approach to skills development that focuses on life-long learning and ensuring that educators are training students and workers in the skills that are in demand regionally and locally.  

Promoting College Affordability: Granite Staters have more college debt than nearly any other state.  We need to make college more affordable, not only by expanding tuition assistance but also by holding colleges and universities accountable by incentivizing them to keep costs down.

Promoting STEM Education: Spurring engagement and interest in STEM education is critical to getting students involved in the fields that will help them be successful in the future economy. 

Combating the Opioid Epidemic: Over 20 percent of the reduction in workforce participation over the last decade is due to substance use disorder.  We need better treatment, prevention, education, and life-long recovery efforts to address both the human and economic costs of this crisis.

Helping Working Families: Benefits like paid sick leave, maternity leave, equal pay, and affordable childcare are a critical part of creating a happy and effective workforce.

Strengthening Rural Communities: Rural communities are an integral part of the culture and economy of the Granite State.  We need continued investment in the rural economy through expanded broadband, improved infrastructure, and educational facilities.

Investing in Infrastructure: It’s no secret that our aging infrastructure is a liability for our economy. We need new and creative ways to invest in highways, bridges, broadband, schools, ports, waste water, and airports that provide reliable funding certainty while utilizing both private and public investment.