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Kuster Urges Comprehensive, Bipartisan Immigration Reform

**Kuster also voted against the Republican majority’s plan to cut Customs and Border Patrol’s budget by $4 billion**

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02), Chair of the New Democrat Coalition, voted against the Republican majority’s extreme immigration bill that wastes taxpayer dollars, threatens the well-being of our economy, and reinstates failed policies from the previous administration. A strong advocate for comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform, Kuster urged Republicans to come to the table to discuss real solutions for the border, not political stunts that will only make the problem worse.


“We need comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform to create a secure and humane immigration system,” said Rep. Kuster. “Republicans and Democrats need to come together to discuss real solutions to this crisis, like increasing technology at our ports of entry, strengthening our workforce, creating a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers, and holding cartels accountable. I am working to bridge the gap across the aisle and advance real progress for our country’s immigration system.”


The Republican majority’s extreme immigration bill would make the situation at the southern border worse by:


  • Spending millions of dollars on an ineffective border wall.
    • This medieval approach to security at our border ignores all common sense and is nothing more than wasteful.
  • Turning away asylum seekers of all ages and circumstances.

o    This bill prevents victims of torture, human trafficking, and abuse, and unaccompanied minors from seeking asylum unless they arrive at a designated port of entry.

  • Failing to address the fentanyl crisis.
  • Subjecting unaccompanied minors to harsh detention and deportation tactics. 
    • The bill would deprive vulnerable children of attorneys, subject many unaccompanied children to jail-type detention for up to 30 days, and change the review process to make expedited deportation all but certain.
  • Defunding the humanitarian organizations that care for people at the border.
    • This bill eliminates funding to nonprofits, including the Red Cross, that provide essential food, shelter, and legal services to asylum seekers. These organizations are often first in line to provide support in border communities.