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Kuster Votes To Lower Costs for NH Families, Strengthen American Independence

**Kuster has been pushing for this innovative legislation since December 2021, and she helped pass a previous version of this legislation earlier this year**


Washington, D.C. ⁠— Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) voted to pass the CHIPS and Science Act, comprehensive and bipartisan legislation to lower costs for American families and expand American economic independence. This bill, which now heads to the president’s desk, represents a powerful investment in lowering costs for American families, ending our dependence on foreign manufacturers, and turbocharging American research and development of semiconductors and other innovative technology to ensure our economic and national security for generations to come.


“Our economy and daily lives rely on computer chip and technology manufacturing ⁠— it is past time we invest in domestic production of these innovative goods right here in America,” said Rep. Kuster. “The CHIPS and Science Act passed by the House today represents a resounding investment in our economic and innovation future by ensuring critical goods are manufactured here in the U.S. and developing new tools to prevent future shortages. Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and American manufacturers are a critical part of our future as global leaders in innovation and technology. I was proud to vote for this legislation today to build a brighter future for our country and look forward to the president quickly signing this measure into law.”


The bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act:

  • Lowers costs for American consumers: by making more critical semiconductor components in America, helping end the shortage of chips that have driven up the price of everything from cars to consumer goods. 
  • Creates 100,000 new good-paying jobs: creates strong Davis-Bacon jobs building hi-tech manufacturing facilities here in America.
  • Ends our dangerous dependence on foreign manufacturers: bringing critical semiconductor manufacturing back to America instead of overseas where it can be threatened by our adversaries.
  • Turbocharges American R&D: powering America’s preeminence in both basic research and next-generation technologies and ensuring that the technologies of the future are made here in America.
  • Diversifies and expands the innovation workforce: broadening the pool of brainpower and talent so that we are embracing the full potential of all our communities, helping to diversify our STEM workforce, and advancing regional technology hubs to ensure communities across the country can help in American research and development.